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Thank you for visiting our review site, you are here most likely because you are looking to read online reviews about RemoveMyName and we are glad to have you here and hope to make some sense of this viscous industry we are in called Reputation Management.

Due to client safety concerns and the sensitivity of their needs, testimonials and reviews are near non existent in this industry and here is why…

Consider our end users or target customers, they are most likely found on sites such as,, or have articles written about past arrests, warrant violations, bad business practices and the likes. They hire us to remove or bury this information which we do. We guarantee our removals and guarantee that for suppression and burying that you will receive your full list of properties that we created within 5 days or your money back so all of our work is guaranteed.

Back to the reviews, our clients are on terrible sites to begin with and they hire us to remove and or bury, we do. Its near impossible to get that client who was on to write us a testimonial saying removed me from in a fast and timely manner- Sincerely Jack Lemmon” or

“I had 3 nasty Mugshots about me from when I was arrested for driver under the influence and made them disappear.” Y

ou have to consider after having your name in the mud and then having it removed would you want to put your name back out there again for the sake of a companies testimonial? The answer is NO.

We pride ourselves on being transparent and offering our personal and cell phones as well as our faces and names, business charter and company address and mission. We deal personally with every client and have made great friends and have a wonderful report with all of our clients as we truly change their life when we remove or bury a maliciously motivated online item.

The only form of payment we accept is either paypal or credit card and this day in age if we dont deliver what we promise clients WILL file a chargeback, will complain and we will quickly lose our merchant account and A rating with the BBB. click here to review.

This business is cut throat and many of the websites and businesses (if you want to call them that ) are fly by night and cannot be trusted. We pride ourselves on our customer service, follow through our network of legal and search engine experts. Most if not all of our competitors have a bad rip off report among many SCAM and FRAUD posts as well, everyone posts negative about the others while we focus on our customers only. We never respond to negative posts or scam claims as we know there is no scam that we could possibly offer or be involved in. We offer two services both in which are guaranteed and if our customers ever have a problem they call their rep and its resolved and that represents 1% of our client base as 99% of the problems are removed or buried.

The final thing to I would ask you to consider is when we win a removal from a website we are dealing with 2 parties, 1. our client and 2. the scorned lover or original poster of the malicious post and content. When we win the removal (which is currently at a 99% removal rate) we make the other party extremely angry in that we took away their post, their voice and their malicious message so then we become the target of the attack as well.

A perfect example is John Doe is our client and Jane Doe posted him on calling him a cheat and a scam. John hires us to arbitrate and remove the post and we do. A week later Jane goes to the site to see if anyone commented on her scathing malicious post and sees that the post has been removed and not causing John trouble anymore to his online reputation. Jane then finds out about the service and begins her smear campaign against us, this is a monthly battle and again its part of the business.

Please consider the ultra sensitivity of your needs and think about if you would want them given as a testimonial and then give us a call to personally hear and see how we operate.

You will talk to either Nick, George or Mark and be treated with the highest level of professionalism, security and honesty and you will NEVER receive a hard sell or feel obligated to BUY NOW and you have absolutely nothing to lose.

Thank you so much for reading and I truly hope that we can earn your business.