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Reputation Management is looked upon by many as a very shady business and many of the websites offering reputation management services are indeed pop up shops, teenager in a basement, so called SEO guru fly by night poorly ran businesses if you want to even call them a business. These fly by nighters are also very aggressive in scam, fraud and smear campaigns and writing malicious and fake reviews about their competitors, even we are prone to this often. Every single one of our competitors has been listed in among many other consumer advocacy sites, its not just us, its part of the business we are in and our job is to explain how we are different from the rest. is an online directory comprised of the top Reputation Management companies, Lawyers and Cyber firms in the Industry. We are one of few companies that offers a directory service of providers who can assist you with your online defamation needs from A-Z.

We also do not respond EVER to any of the smear campaigns as that only ignites the fire and adds more ‘google power’ to the attacks. We also highly consult and offer our clients the same advice, if you have a negative smear attack or malicious post don’t visit it and do not comment on it, it only makes the items worse. At any time you can all any of us and pick our brains and talk with us about your problems and concerns, we never offer a hard sell ever.

These negative comments, reviews, articles and smear campaigns let us know exactly how it feels when our clients call us with a negative attack of their own, we can relate and offer the best advice on how to handle them whether legally or from a search engine optimization strategy and campaign.

The final thing to I ask you to consider is every time we win a removal from a website we are dealing with 2 parties, 1. our client and 2. the scorned lover or original poster of the malicious post. When we win the removal (which is currently at a 99% removal rate) we REALLY make the other party quite angry that we took away their post, their voice and their malicious message so then we become the target of the attack as well. A perfect example is John Doe is our client and Jane Doe posted him on calling him a cheat and a scam. John hires us to arbitrate and remove the post and we do. A week later Jane goes to the site to see if anyone commented on her scathing malicious post and sees that the post has been removed and not causing John trouble anymore to his online reputation. Jane then finds out about the service and begins her smear campaign against us, this is a monthly battle and again its part of the business.

This is a very tough business and everyone working in the reputation management business has a large target on their back, it comes with the territory and you have to have very tough skin to survive.

We have seen our competitor sites, they are mostly small lead generating websites with a contact form and a call center number at best. You might get a call back from a roving salesman or stay at home mom whose job it is to close the sale and promise the world, you wont get that from us.

We ask you when you read a negative review or ad about us please take it with a grain of salt, I personally encourage you to call us and hear our voice and understand our business and how we can help you. If you don’t go with us that’s OK, I guarantee that you will learn and take away something from the conversation.

What you dont see and what we cannot post are the countless THANK YOUs that we do get from our clients who wish to remain anonymous as you can imagine and that’s what makes this business tolerable and keeps us coming in to work everyday.

I thank you for your time in reading this and I truly believe in our company and its ability to help you in your time of need.